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Our Passion

OMG is outcomes-driven

The Outcomes Management Group, Ltd. (OMG) is an international management consultant organization that is outcomes-driven.  Because of our passion, OMG begins everything by focusing first on the end results. Over the past twenty years, OMG has partnered with more than 125 diverse clients in the private, non-profit, and governmental sectors, providing strategic planning, training, and evaluation services. As a result of examining data from these organizations for the purpose of identifying key factors driving the achievement of their desired results, a B.E.S.T. ModelTM emerged.  This model forms the framework from which OMG develops its products and establishes its work. Both its products and services are designed with you in mind. OMG embraces new technologies, builds upon its past experiences and leverages its core competencies to partner with others interested in “being their b.e.s.t.”

Who Leads OMG?

“B.E.S.T. Leaders inspire others to recognize that “only their b.e.s.t. is good enough!”

OMG’s leaders are outcomes pioneers and passionate about people, organizations, communities “being their B.E.S.T.”

Partrica Hicks


Founder and President

Dr. Patricia Larkins Hicks founded the Outcomes Management Group, Ltd. (OMG) in 1994 and has successfully led the organization over the past twenty-two years. Her passion for outcomes stems from her pioneer work in 1986 with the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association where she facilitated the development of the Association’s first functional outcomes measures and program evaluation system.

Dr. Patricia Hicks
has leveraged her 30 years’ experience in organizational development, program evaluation, training and utilization of new technologies to facilitate organizational change locally, state-wide, and nationally. She has been consistently rated an excellent facilitator, workshop presenter, and keynote speaker who is knowledgeable, engaging, and inspiring. Dr. Hicks has authored three books and 25 publications. Her most recent book, “Be Your B.E.S.T.” provides a roadmap for both individuals and organizations desiring to achieve their maximum results.

Dr. Patricia Hicks
is Past President, National Hampton University Alumni Association, Inc.; Past Co-Chair National Organizational Effectiveness Committee, The Links, Incorporated; Past Chair, Integration Committee, Columbus Chamber Small Business Council; member, Diversity & Inclusion Committee, United Way of Central Ohio; member, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority; and member of the leadership team at Kingdom Christian Center.  Additionally, she has served on numerous non-profit boards.

Dr. Patricia Hicks
earned her Doctor of Philosophy degree (Ph.D.) from the University of Memphis (Memphis State), Master of Arts, (M.A.) Michigan State University, and Bachelor of Science, (B.S.) Hampton University (Hampton Institute). She was selected Outstanding Alumnus of both University of Memphis and Michigan State University. Dr. Hicks is a fellow of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. She has been listed among the Who’s Who of Black Columbus for several years.

Clayton Hicks

Partner and Vice President

Dr. Clayton N. Hicks has been Partner and Vice President, Marketing since 1995. He brings 30 years entrepreneurial experience, healthcare expertise, meeting planning and leadership skills to the OMG organization. Dr. Hicks has played a significant role in shaping OMG’s growth and marketing strategies.

Dr.  Clayton  Hicks
experience as Chair, Communications Committee, National Coalition of Black Meeting Planners has been invaluable in guiding OMG’s communications including development of its app, web broadcasts, and utilization of its multi-media communication tools.

Dr. Clayton Hicks
is committed to serving others and has a long-term track record of community service. In 2003, Governor Bob Taft recognized his community service by presenting him the Community Building Award. In In 2008, Dr. Hicks received the Cheryl Boyce Healthcare Excellence award. In 2012, the March of Dimes recognized Dr. Hicks for his volunteerism. He is an active life member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., National Optometric Association, founder, Driving Park Walking Club, and Executive Director of the Alpha Rho Lambda Education Foundation and the National Optometric Foundation.

How does OMG approach working with its clients?

OMG partners with its clients using its B.E.S.T.  7-Step Approach.

1. Establishes desired outcomes: OMG partners with you to determine your desired results

2. Identifies B.E.S.T. Products and/or Services: Together we match the right product and/or service that meets your needs

3. Defines expectations and clarifies roles and responsibilities: We decide how best to work together

4. Analyzes existing context: Assessing your environment and you provides key data that informs our decision-making

5. Provides Agreed Upon Products/Services: We focus on delivering quality products and services that exceed your expectations

6. Measures to determine satisfaction and status of desired outcomes: Measurement is integrated in all that we do to ensure you are satisfied and understand the results achieved

7. Maintains communication: Rules of engagement are defined so that we communicate with you in the manner that you prefer and at the time you expect

OMG’s Approach is Inclusive, Comprehensive, and Outcomes Focused