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Build Your B.E.S.T. Organization

“Success is not about being the best. It is about “being your B.E.S.T.”

B.E.S.T. Organizations focus on 2 key drivers of organizational success


#1 People drive results. Results are influenced by those entrusted with governing, leading, managing and doing the work. B.E.S.T. organizations make sure the right people are in the positions, equipped with the competencies necessary to do the right things.

OMG provides B.E.S.T. leadership training: customized for Boards, Executives, Senior Leadership, Managers/Supervisors

OMG provides B.E.S.T. professional development training customized to meet employees needs based upon OMG’s B.E.S.T. assessment

OMG provides B.E.S.T. Team Building training that focuses on understanding team members preferences, leveraging differences, building relationships, establishing practices that maximize team work,

OMG facilitates retreats: designed to create B.E.S.T. plans, building B.E.S.T. teams, and establishing b.e.s.t. practices

#2 Culture impacts everything. Organizations that embrace a B.E.S.T. culture obtain results faster, sustain them, and often exceed their expectations.

OMG conducts an organizational culture assessment: provides a B.E.S.T. profile and recommendations for improvement

OMG conducts an organizational cultural competency assessment: identifies status across 8 domains and provides recommendations

OMG provides B.E.S.T. Culture Workshops: customized to meet client needs based upon their B.E.S.T. culture assessment results

Check out B.E.S.T. FAST Stories

Check out B.E.S.T. FAST Stories


“An excellent provider of professional services. Simply the best!”
Clarence Mingo
Franklin County Auditor

The Polite Care, LLC engaged the services of OMG as we developed and executed our healthcare business model. She helped us define measurable strategies to realize our outcomes. We have best practices for health care delivery, patient outcomes and operational efficiency because we started with the BEST, OMG!

Mariette Polite, Chief Operating Officer, The Polite Care, LLC